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As a generator of the overall development of the society, the University realizes its mission of creating new knowledge and technologies for the time that comes through a range of educational processes of various contents and levels with the application of international standards of education by launching four multidisciplinary university studies - Business Informatics, Health Care, Interior Design and Tourism Studies .

Business Informatics

The University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar enrolls the fourth generation of students in the multidisciplinary academic study BUSINESS INFORMATION organized by the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Economics.

  • 3 years/ 180 ECTS (regular-self-financing and DL - distance learning)
Study Programs
  • Multidisciplinary study: Business Informatics
  • information systems management
  • use of business intelligence tools and decision-making systems
  • use of computer networks and communication technologies within business information systems
  • designing the organizational structure
  • creating research, marketing and business plans
  • project management
  • analysis and evaluation of the financial aspects of the organization's business

Health care

University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar in cooperation with the partner institution of the Dr. Safet Mujić cantonal hospital in Mostar, enters the third generation of students at the university study program "Health Care", which is harmonized with the highest European standards and organized according to European Union Directives for Medical Technicians / Sisters , which opens up the possibility of easier employment, exchange of students and continuation of education.

  • 4 years / 240 ECTS
Study Programs
  • Graduated nurse with guidance: General nursing, Anesthetist-assistant, Care of surgical patients, Care of internist patients
  • Graduated physiotherapist
  • state and private ambulances (family medicine or specialist)
  • homes of health and hospital
  • as a nurse / technician, in schools or for home care
  • institutions or organizations that promote health promotion, prevention and treatment of diseases, and habilitation and rehabilitation

Interior design

Interior design deals with the aesthetic and functional design of the private and public space of various uses through the optimal use of color, light, materials and space characteristics. The program content combines the fields of architecture, design and fine arts, construction, economics, art history, horticulture, economics, informatics and sociology. By the end of education at the first cycle of studies, the title designer of the interior - bachelor.

  • 4 years / 240 ECTS
  • in architectural and design studios,
  • in the planning and arrangement of commercial spaces, space for the needs of tourism, culture, catering, housing, sacral spaces, and public urban spaces
  • in theaters, television houses as scenographers
  • in planning the exhibition space for various purposes (commercial and all other fairs)

Tourism Study

The study of tourism is an academic undergraduate study lasting three years (6 semesters). the program content of the study combines knowledge in the field of economics, various forms of tourism, cultural-historical heritage, world languages, etc. The study of tourism is designed in accordance with the needs of those who have decided to develop a career in the field of tourism.

  • 3 years / 180 ECTS
  • hotel management
  • management of catering facilities
  • work in tourist agencies and organizations
  • management of spa and wellness centers
  • organization of events
  • consultancy services