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Possibilities for exchange of students, teaching and administrative staff of the University for summer semester 2018/19

Within the KA 107 Erasmusplus, international credit mobility actions, students, teachers and administrative staff of the University can apply for exchanges with various Universities in the European Union for the summer semester academic 2018/19.

The exchange can be achieved with the following Universities, in accordance with the listed areas, categories and quotas: University of Almeria, Spain - Laws, Agriculture, Environment, Languages, Marketing, Finances - First cycle students (1) University of Ancona - agriculture, natural sciences, business and administration, construction, mechanical engineering and IT - first and second cycle students (3), teaching (1) and administrative staff (2) University of Claude Bernard 1 in Lyon - construction, food processing, business and administration, chemical engineering, environmental technology, machinery, electricity - students of the first cycle (4) KU Lueven, Belgium - construction, mechanical engineering - second and third cycle students (2), administrative staff (1) University of Granada - all areas studied at the University of Granada and officially given as an English language offer - students of the first, second and third cycles (2) University of Lleida, Spain - chemical engineering, environmental technology, mechanical engineering, electrical energy - students of the first and second cycle (2), student of the third cycle (1), teaching staff (1) Saraland University - German, English and Law - students of the first, second and third cycles (2), teaching staff (1) University College of Entrepreneurship and Administration in Lublin - Business and Administration, Management, Finance and Accounting, IT, First cycle students (1), Administrative staff (1) Wszechnica Polska University of Warsaw - English language - First cycle students (1), teaching staff (1) The areas that the University of "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar offers to incoming English students, from which mobility can be achieved, are: law, biology, sociology, chemistry, psychology, sports, agriculture, English language, information technology, construction, economy.

All interested students, teaching staff and administrative staff who want to exchange with the said Universities should contact the International Office of International Cooperation at international@unmo.ba by mail of intent. Mail intentions for students include the following documents: a proposal for a learning contract, proof of English language proficiency, a letter of motivation (in English), an averaging certificate, a passport scan and a Europass CV (in English). Mail intent for teaching and administrative staff includes the following documents: activity plan, letter of motivation (in English) proof of English language proficiency and Europass CV (in English) All documents are sent electronically in PDF format until October 22, 2018. All other calls will be posted later.